Finally There Is Data Intelligence For Your Technology Spend

3 min readNov 7, 2021

Being in the technology field for 10+ years I’ve worked with customers of all shapes and sizes from SMB to Fortune 100 customers, when I was a supplier for telecom services I always tried to do my best to help the customers I was working with making sure they get the best pricing and support I could give them

When I first talk to customers to learn about their challenges and pain and how I could help them, what I continue to realize and hear from customers are that their current services or suppliers are not performing up to standard or they want to look at better pricing and options but don’t have the time to put all the data together to evaluate

As we talked further about how we can help them for their projects, customers struggled to gather and have all the relevant data in order to help us figure out how we can best help them

Because all the data on their current spend, contracts, inventory, service details data are all on multiple suppliers, portals, spreadsheets, and or they have to actually go to the supplier they are trying to replace to ask for the info…………(yes….so they know you are trying to replace them…… can imagine their willingness to help………) 😱😱😱

As we try to help customer talk to their suppliers to gather the info, suppliers are either slow to respond, reluctant to provide all the info, ask 1000 questions or simply don’t respond, that’s their way of trying to keep the customer for as long as they can or until they autorenew……….😡

Customer spend so much money on technology services to run your business, and lack of access to all your data hurts your ability to plan, negotiate, have visibility and gain leverage against suppliers

Every company understands how important customer data and employee data is in order to understand what your customers need and like so you can better serve them or understanding how well your employees are performing and how to be more productive allows your business to run better

But businesses have always lacked the tools and capabilities to gain such visibility into your entire technology stack spend, which is often top 3 for any size business

I knew there must be a better way to help every company out there to get that power back by giving them all the data and insights of their technology spend so they can better plan and prepare for the future and get sourcing leverage

That’s why I started Varisource, the first ever Data Intelligence platform for your technology spend

With Varisource, your company finally have a cost effective solution to gather all the data and insights you need to identify savings opportunities, save hundreds of hours for budgeting, have visibility into entire technology spend, and never get autorenew again

Would you give us 15 minutes to show you how? 😀

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The first ever Data Insights platform focus on helping companies identify savings and gain visibility into their technology spend