Make Budgeting Easier For 2022 With Data Insights

2 min readNov 19, 2021


Budgeting time for #IT and #Procurement is both exciting and daunting at the same time, because it’s the time of the year you can evaluate and plan for the future

  • What new technologies do we need?
  • Should I replace my current supplier?
  • Should I renew with my current supplier?
  • When is my contract up?
  • Am I overpaying for what I have?
  • How do I handle working from home initiatives?
  • Am I going to get autorenew?

Just to name a few, on top of having to manage and support the business on daily basis

But what’s the worst part is the endless time and headaches in gathering, finding the information needed to even put together the budget, either you have to look through multiple portals, spreadsheets, or worse you have to ask the suppliers for it and they are too scared to give it to you in case you want to leave………

There’s a better way with #varisource

Varisource is the first ever Data Insights platform focused on identify savings, insights, for your entire technology stack and spend

Imagine having your inventory, contracts, spend, supplier performance data all in a single dashboard analyzed giving you proactive reminders so you never get autorenew and automatically identifying savings opportunities for all your IT services/products

Have that data in a single dashboard and able to run analyses and reports makes it super easy to understand your current landscape, and easier plan for 2022 knowing when your contracts are up and how current suppliers are performing

Curious how it’s all possible?

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The first ever Data Insights platform focus on helping companies identify savings and gain visibility into their technology spend