The Data You Need For Digital Transformation

  • ROI — what benefits and savings could this digital transformation bring your business
  • Implementation — how it will be implemented, how long it would take and what impacts will it have
  • Planning — having data to plan ahead so you know what results you want to get out of the transformation
  • Evaluation — evaluating current and new suppliers to see who you should do business with moving forward
  • Timing — when would be the right time frame to start looking or implementing digital transformation for specific services
  • Contracts Data — knowing when your contract expirations, notice periods, penalties, and get out clauses
  • Supplier Performance Data — knowing how well your current suppliers have performed to decide whether to keep or replace
  • Spend Data — knowing how much you spend on products and services correlating with inventory
  • Inventory Data — knowing what you actually have for each supplier, site, and for each service
  • Historic Data — know your historic data so you can see what has been working well and not working well for you
  • Trends Data — knowing the trends of your company by correlating data across your spend, contracts, suppliers, market
  • Market Data — knowing what you have or what you get is best fair market price and similar companies has achieved
  • Implementation Data — know how long implementation will take and what steps are needed while correlating with your contracts
  • Site Data — know for each location what you have and what’s needed



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