When You Have Too Much Of Something Good You Need An Aggregator

3 min readNov 8, 2022


Imagine…….you trying to buy a car and you have to go to 10 different car dealerships to walk through the entire lot to see what cars they have, write down all their prices and then go home and put it into a spreadsheet. Then spend hours to compare and vlookup your way to figure out what are the best choices you have and where to buy it

Yea…….that sounds TERRIBLE!

That’s why Cars.com was create to help you solve that problem, where you just have to tell them what you are looking for and they bring all the best options the market has to offer to you, same thing with expedia.com, hotels.com, zillow.com for other industries.

Because when you have a large amount of options and products in the market, you need an aggregator platform to give you one place you can search, compare, evaluate, and get data use for buying or negotiations during purchases

Now if you look at the technology products and services out there, from software, hardware, internet, phone, mobility, cloud, data centers, IOT, security, there are millions of unique solutions out there, there is over 25,000+ choices alone in Marketing Technology category……….that’s just “1” category under software………… 😱😱😱

So if there are 100X more technology solution options combination compared to cars options, how can you buy effectively and efficiently without an aggregator platform?

Sure there are traditional VARs (value added resellers) like CDW, SHI, and Presidio and other companies that’s like the Best Buy of business products, but the problem with that model is they all have a quota with the OEM and manufactures to so their agendas may not always align with your business

Yes you can buy any product and just “make it work” but that often leads to over spending, not having the latest technology/features/solutions, and you lose leverage as a company because now you are locked in with that supplier

There has to be a completely different approach to buying, saving and managing technology purchases, this is after all one of the Top 3 spend and investments for every company

Varisource has taken similar approach of what cars.com, expedia.com, hotels.com, and zillion.com of how they disrupted the travel, hotel and real estate industries we are applying to the technology buying process

How does it work?

  1. Varisource aggregated 50+ million data points across 100+ spend categories
  2. All you have to do is 3 clicks to submit your requirements of what you are looking for
  3. We bring you multiple options that fits your company size, industry, requirements, without you having to go through any lengthy sales calls or RFPs
  4. You get benchmark information on multiple suppliers and you make the final decision on who you want to buy from
  5. Varisource will then track all the contracts, spend, inventory, and make sure the supplier delivers what they promise, the savings they promise, and keep the suppliers accountable throughout lifecycle of your purchase

To learn more about how Varisource technology buying and management platform can save your business 20–30% across 100+ spend categories and save your team 100+ hours from finding, buying, comparing, benchmarking

check out https://www.varisource.com

schedule demo: https://www.calendly.com/varisource

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