Why Getting Autorenew Is So Bad For Your Business?

2 min readNov 27, 2021
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When you spend a lot of money on something (Like your IT services and products……🤑.) you want to make sure you are getting good service, good pricing, good support and it’s useful for your business right?

You are the customer so you should have the control, but when you allow suppliers to autorenew you without you knowing or forces you to make decisions in a rush because you do not have the data and tools to help you stop it then you completely lose all the control

How autorenew can hurt your business?

  • locks you in to legacy pricing
  • prevents you from finding better pricing to reduce cost
  • locked in to penalties if you want to make change
  • prevent you from getting better services that can help your company
  • hurts your ability to negotiate with supplier

But……..Why does it happen so often?

  • Companies usually track contracts and suppliers via spreadsheets or not at all
  • It’s too much work and too many suppliers to manage
  • Current tools are too expensive or require you to do a lot of work
  • Suppliers makes it hard to find and keep track of the data and info
  • Too much legacy info and services to keep track of from previous
  • By the time you realize you are rushed to make decision because running out of time so usually ends up in renewing

The solution? Varisource data insights platform makes sure you never get autorenew or over charged for any of your IT products/services again

  • We digitize and centralize all your spend, contracts, inventory, supplier performance data into a single dashboard
  • The system then uses machine learning to analyze and aggregate the data to provide proactive “reminders” and “insights”
  • You never need to ask suppliers for info, it’s all available to you in your control
  • Get reminders on renewals long before to give you time to evaluate suppliers performance whether you should renew or replace
  • Millions of data points for benchmarks to help you compare what you are current paying if it’s fair market value
  • The best part? This entire platform is the most cost effective solution in the market with the most value and features

Interested to know how it works and what it looks like?

Schedule a demo now — www.calendly.com/varisource





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