Why Is Data Intelligence So Important For Your Business?

2 min readNov 7, 2021


Data is generated from every activity and piece of information in our person and business life

It helps us understand more because we have better understanding of what’s going on, what it’s about, and can learn from it and improve because of it

When it comes to customer data often there is CRM to collect and centralize so you can analyze and determine what customers like, dislike, why they like it and help improve your business, and if you don’t have that data then it’s difficult for your business to know what to sell or how to serve better

Or employee data there is HR software to centralize all that data because you want to be able to track and manage employee onboarding and performance so you know how they are doing and how to help them be more productive, without that data employees may not get the attention and support they need to give you the performance you are looking for

But when it comes to technology services and spend most companies can only rely on multiple excel spreadsheets, supplier portals, sales person, or simply don’t have data at all. Without data it often leads to over spending, paying more for less, challenging to plan budget or migrate to new technology that can transform your business

Companies need a cost effective way + service that helps you centralize your technology data so you can identify savings and have sourcing leverage

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