Why it’s basically impossible to control your tech spend?

3 min readNov 4, 2022


From the #smb all the way up to the #fortune500 that we talked to in last 12 months, something has become clear…………

It’s basically #impossible for any #company no matter how big you are and how much resources you have to easily, effectively, and efficiently manage and control #technology #buying and #spend

But why is it impossible?

Because every company has hundreds of services/vendors, oh sorry…..that’s only for “just” software alone…. and you still haven’t counted the internet, phone, security, hardware, cloud, cyber insurance, compliance, IOT, mobility and countless other services/vendors you have…….so the bigger company you are you are likely in the thousands if not tens of thousands of services/vendors that you have to manage

You simply cannot hire enough people to manage it all, because it requires too much time, #data, #tools, #resource, #expertise, market info, experience, and simply way too many services and categories internal team to manage effectively

Or you just keep going with what you have which = to over #spending, reducing #cashflow, getting autorenew, employees not using tools you buy, no visibility, creating more risks with employees and customers and eventually you still have to face those issues down the road

Neither are great options and customers do want to improve in those areas but it’s simply way too difficult because the current solutions in the market are either way too expensive, takes way too long to implement, it only solves one of the problems, or it still requires the employees to do more work to use the tools 😑😑😑

One of the best feelings that you get as a #startup #founder is getting validation from #customers and #partners that the vision you had on how to #solve this HUGE but IMPORTANT problems actually can solve this impossible problem

Because managing, buying, saving on technology spend can 10X a company business or it can hold a company back, it’s a #critical #decision

So how can we make the impossible — -> possible?

Varisource for a cost effective subscription gives you access to all of below

  1. Save More — platform automatically identifies benchmark, comparisons, savings opportunities based on 50+ million market data points across 100+ technology spend categories and presented to customer
  2. Buy Better — access thousand of suppliers choices and millions of market data points across 100+ technology categories to help customers find the best cheaper, better, faster, easier, solution that fits companies requirements and goals
  3. Manage Easier — platform automatically digitize and centralize customer current vendor contracts, inventory, spend, supplier performance to give visibility and reminders that can be correlated with the saving and buying data to give customer the 3X — 5X ROI
  4. All Done For You — Varisource team gathers the data, inputs, updates and tracks all data and actions so customer can focus on running their business but get all the data needed to make the best decisions for the department and business overall

There’s so many companies that needs help right now, would love for TechCrunch to pick up this story and partner with them!

For all #venturecapital #vc #startups #founders #ceo #cfo #cio #cto #finance #finops #procurement that wants to solve this impossible problem for your company we would love to talk



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