Why Varisource will be the Most Important platform in 2023

3 min readNov 4, 2022


Technology is top 3 spend for every company, whether you are SMB, Mid Market or Enterprise yet it still is the hardest spend category for companies to have visibility and manage effectively, because it simply covers way too many areas, require way too much time, resource, experience, expertise, tools, and unfortunately no company has enough of any of that

#technology is like the lifeblood of a #business , because if companies have the right technologies at the right price it can #10x #efficiency of your #employees and happiness of your #customers , but having the wrong technologies and over spending can lead to less #budget , less #cashflow , having to fire employees, and employees not being as effective as they can be

For anyone that has been watching the economy and market and where things are headed, 2023 may likely be even worse than 2022 for the entire global economy and

Technology is about enabling you to go faster, scale, and accomplish the task more efficiently and effectively, yet most companies just look at technology spend as something you need to run the business like electricity or water

First of all the difference and problem is that technology is so broad, it includes things like

and hundreds of other categories that goes underneath each of this. It’s simply impossible for any IT person or team to manage and understand it all or know what the best solution and price your company should have

Example 1: we helped a customer that was spending $8K a month in faxing services reduce spend by $2K a month while “doubling” their available faxes limits in just 2 weeks

Example 2: a customer was spending $150K a month on their Verizon and AT&T cell phone service, and in just 25 days since we talked to them we saved them over $30K/month without needing to switch anything, can you imagine what $30K/month extra can do for their decision to keep or fire an employees or how IT team actually created more budget to buy the necessary cyber security product they needed but didn’t have the budget for

Example 3: a customer was spending $3M/month on AWS and in just 45days+ of working with them we were able to save them 35% (yes you read that correctly) on their AWS spend without needing to touch or change any workload or contracts

This is not about bragging but more so imagine the over spending on technology services that are critical to the business, but now the $$$BILLION question is how is Varisource able to do this and customer couldn’t?

Because customer only focus on these projects and categories once every few years, they can only run RFP on top 5% of services and rest of 95% they simply cannot get to or don’t have time to get to and Varisource is the first platform that enables any company to Save More, Buy Better, Manage Easier across 100+ Technology categories by aggregating 50+ million data points and this is what we live, eat, breathe so customer can just get the #immediate #value and #roi

So why now? Because more than ever, companies need to have as much cashflow, budget, visibility and data to make better business decisions than ever as we go into further downturn in 2023

It’s time for companies to get technology that provides immediate ROI, savings and business impact within 30 days that doesn’t require any implementation

We are excited to work get a chance to with #vc #privateequity #customers #partners and the best technology news sites like TechCrunch and industry pioneers like Y Combinator to make sure every company knows Varisource is now available

Never buy technology without Varisource Technology Buying & Management Platform in 2023


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